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everything you need to know before arriving in spectacular Budapest

From Liszt Ferenc international airport – BUDAPEST you have the following options (count about 1hr for the ride):

1. Take a taxi at the exit, from the official airport taxi company so called “Főtaxi”. The price is approx. 30 EUR to the city center. Click here for more details

2. Take 100E airport shuttle bus to the city center. You can buy ticket from 

– the purple machine cost 900 HUF.

BudapestGO public transportation APP Click here for more details

3. Budapest airport shuttle service door-to-door click here for more details and booking

4. book a tour with me including airport transfer, private driver and a car/van with A/C.

Do not make an exchange at the Airport.

Credit Card (Visa and Master Card) are widely accepted.

If you prefer having cash with you, you can make an exchange at the “CORRECT CHANGE” offices or at “IBLA CHANGE” close to the “Deák tér” city center.

we have coins and money in paper as well. the coins (5,10,20,50,100,200) doesn’t really have values

Let me list a few things to help you understand the value of the forint (HUF):

  • Espresso: 350- 500 HUF
  • Small glass of beer :   400 HUF
  • public transportation ticket: 350 HUF

We have 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10.000, 20.000 in paper


  • Lángos (traditional hungarian streetfood :  1200 HUF – 2000 HUF
  • Hamburger : 1650- 2500 HUF
  • Chicken Paprikás (main dish in a restaurant in the jewish district): 3500 HUF

Do not use “Euronet” or “EUR HUF” ATMs, it’s a private company applying extra fees on your withdrawal up on you bank does. Use only official bank ATMs (OTP, ERSTE, CIB, CITYBANK, BUDAPEST BANK, RAIFFAISEN etc..)

Budapest is relatively a safe city but it’s also a capital city, so there is a quick guideline about tourist traps to avoid:

  • TAXI: Do not sit in a “private taxi” or “free lancer taxi” of independent taxi drivers, they might offer their services at the arrival at the airport, and don’t catch taxi on street. We call them “hienas”. They work on an unacceptable rate. If you are planning to use taxi more time, download the Bolt taxi app.
  • GAMBLING: “Who can find the red ball” street gambling. Do NOT play with them, they have several tricks to cheat out your money! You cannot win.
  • PICKPOCKETS: Please keep your eyes on your belongings, Budapest is relatively a safe city but it’s also a capital city. Especially in crowded places put your bag in front of you.
  • “Váci utca” restaurants : better to avoid

what is the must-see spot in Budapest and what don't you recommend to visit?

In Budapest there are several UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Danube Banks, the Jewish District, the Andrássy Avenue and the Castle District. You can visit also 92 museums, 14 large parks, hundreds of churches, cultural events and programs. It's hard to choose which one include in your stay. As a guide i created itineraries to sum up the major spots for you, in this way saving your precious time.

Looking to go during the next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Budapest has a continental climate with four seasons.
Spring (march- may) - take an umberella with you. The weather is hectic at this time of the year
Summer (june- august) - you need heat protection. (umbrella or a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water. The water is safe to drink, from public drinking fountains and from the tap. Bring a refill bottle with you).
Autumn (september- november) Nice and pleasent. In November the weather can be a bit chilly and sometimes foggy already.
Winter (december- february). This season is quite cold, you will need a winter jacket and warm shoes, gloves. In december the Christmas markets are amazing, for that Budapest worth a visit. Book a tour with me with a private car and driver, and enjoy the city from the warmth of the car.

Where should I book a hotel or an apartment?

Budapest has a really good public transportation system. Book your hotel close to the metro or a tram line. The Pest side is a better choice as more programs and restaurants are available from there. Book your hotel or apartment in between the Margaret Bridge, the Liberty Bridge and the tram 4,6 line. In Budapest everything is in a walking distance.
If you come for a party, the Jewish District VII, called also Erzsébetváros (orange block on the map) is your place, it's full of life at night.
If you prefer a quiet place, book a hotel or an apartment outside the Jewish District.

Some cool tips you should know



Concerts and outdoor opera events are happening all year long. it's an amazing experience.


Budapest can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Budapest.


Dogs are welcome. you can find great parks and stores just for your little friend


Visit the rooftop bars and the ruin bars in Budapest

There are several rooftop bars in the city center. And some really interesting ruin bars in the jewish district.

Smile and enjoy Budapest. take a long walk around and talk to people.