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12 years of experience as an accredited tourguide. Fluent in English and in Italian.


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Payment via PayPal, Revolut or Cash


Suitable for large groups

VOX audio guide system is available, on request for large groups.


Guide Tips

On the way i will give you a lot of info about the possible programs, so you can plan your stay efficiently based on your main interest.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope that I can earn your trust for giving me your precious time. I promise I will make the best of it and make your stay memorable, entertaining and informative.

Being a tourist guide means so much to me. I am in love with this city, every day a bit more. It has an eternal beauty, and some of those little details are so fascinating and hidden from most of the eyes. 

The stories behind all these statues, buildings and places make the tour rich of interesting history and legends.

As a traveler myself, I know how hard it is to find out what are the most important things to see, to make it fit in your time. It takes so much research to make sure you didn’t miss anything. That’s why I’m here, to take this off your shoulder, and let you just enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Capital. My enthusiasm is contagious.

On the way you will get lots of ideas what else you can do here, you will have the whole plan by the end of the tour, how to fill your stay with the most interesting programs.